Welcome to Consinvest, an accounting and tax advisory company, registred to Romanian Body of Chartered Accountants and Licensed Accountants and of Romanian Tax Advisory Chamber

Registration of the Company and Changes of Memorandum of Association

● Registration of companies (L.L.C., P.L.C. etc.), non-governmental organizations, sole traders/self-employed persons and their tax registration, including VAT, registration to Book of the EU Community Operators;
● Administration of companies;
● Making changes to the memorandum of association: change of headquarters, registration of points of sale/secondary offices and other units without legal status, change of the legal form, change of objects, increasing or reducing the equity capital;
● Transfer of shares;
● Mergers and demergers;
● Dissolutions and liquidations;
● Selling of operative companies.

Other Services

● Mediation for translation services;
● Secretarial services;
● Making payments through Internet Banking Systems.

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When new business is established, picking the best legal and tax structures is crucial.

The advisory prior to the registration of the legal entity is intended to draw the legal and tax coordinates of the new business. Once decided over the legal form, governing body, their responsibilities and the way of tax registration, proper formalities required for registration become simple details.

Making organizational or administrative changes or need of reorganization of business determine certain changes of memorandum of association. On this line, we prepare documents for the registration of changes of headquarters, associates, directors, object of the company, etc., and fordemergers, mergers, liquidations, etc.

The services we offer are complete, including the necessary advisory for registration or making an endorsement, completing the formalities and preparation of the required documents, authorization of the objects, VAT registrationand registration to Book of the EU Community Operators. For clients who wish to start their business immediately, we already own a portfolio of operative limited liability companies, which can be taken with no risk.