Welcome to Consinvest, an accounting and tax advisory company, registred to Romanian Body of Chartered Accountants and Licensed Accountants and of Romanian Tax Advisory Chamber


● Bookkeeping, drawing the balance sheet;
● Providing assistance and/or supervision of the journal registrations made through the own accounting department of the customer;
● Organizing the accounting department;
● Accounting assistance;
● Providing assistance on the Romanian legislation frame in the field of accounting and taxation;
●Extrajudicial accounting expertise, due diligence.

Labor Administration and Payroll Preparation

● Providing assistance in formalities of hiring staff, registering labor contracts, addenda and dismissal/resignation formalities;
● Payroll preparation;
● Organizing the accounting department;
● Providing assistance in preparation of theInternal Statute;
● Providing assistance in preparation of theCommon Labor Contract and submitting it to the responsible authorities.

At request, we offer via the group companies, the following professional services:

● Audit;
● Censorship;
● Assistance in tax audits;
● Liquidation of companies by insolvency procedure;
● Legal reorganization or preventive arrangement with creditors.

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It is highly important to us to submit precise and accurate accounting statements.

Accounting is accomplished according to the needs of each customer, either at our office or the clients’ office.

For customers who held an internal accounting department, our role is to establish the circuit of the documents and to organize or optimize the activity of the accounting department and to regularlysupervise the accounts, to perform the closing operations and to prepare the tax returns.

Holding an internal accounting department is recommended to companies with considerable workload or which require inventory control, as the latter have the obligation of registration of all the inputs and outflows at the moment they take place. The size of the internal accounting department is planned to assure the optimal level of accounting and financial information for the customer, considering thekind of the business.

For customers having a level of workload which does not justify organizing an internal accounting department, we keep the books at our office. Bookkeeping consists of registration of documents, closing operations and preparation of tax returns.

Payrolls are usually prepared at our office, by specialized persons. Our specialists assist and offer guidance to the customers for drafting the Internal Statute and CommonLabor Contract.